Cypress Network Testing Exercises

Validating the network requests during Cypress tests is an extremely important topic for every engineer writing automation tests to know. Many engineers struggle to write effective tests because they are unaware of this powerful Cypress feature. This course brings lots of hands-on exercises in one place to help you learn this material in practice. Spending some time going through the course will ultimately save the engineers 10x in their testing time, in my personal opinion.

  • The course Cypress Network Testing Exercises includes 30 main lessons covering how Cypress can spy on and stub network requests during end-to-end tests
  • 30+ bonus lessons answering the questions asked by the people studying the course
  • Every lesson is a hands-on exercise and includes the solution and a full video explaining how the solution really works.
  • Every lesson includes links to the relevant documentation, additional hints, and related blog posts for further study
  • All tests are working using Cypress v9 and v10 end-to-end testing mode
  • Access to the private course Discord channel hosted by the course's author where one can ask questions about the lessons
  • Still not sure? Try the four free lessons included in the course
  • This course would make a perfect material for hands-on study group at work
  • Hiring for a position that requires Cypress automation skills? Ask the candidate if they have gone through this course, and use the lessons as the interview questions. Even better idea: purchase an interview kit based on this course.
  • Full text search the course content
  • Certificate of completion upon finishing the course
  • Interested in purchasing several course tickets and getting a group discount? Please send me a note at gleb.bahmutov at, and we can discuss the details

Group discounts

If you want to purchase multiple licenses for your company, I can provide bulk discounts.

  • between 5 and 10 users: 5% discount
  • between 10 and 20 users: 10% discount
  • between 20 and 30 users: 20% discount
  • between 30 and 40 users: 30% discount
  • between 40 and 50 users: 40% discount
  • more than 50 users: 50% discount

Interview Kit

If you are conducting interviews for a position that requires solid Cypress automation skills, I have prepared several questions with hands-on exercises to ask the candidate. The questions are similar to the ones taught in this course, but are not exactly the same.

  • Multiple warm-up questions to become familiar with the candidate's skills
  • 5 hands-on tests to write; pick one or two to give to the candidate to demonstrate their Cypress test coding skills
  • The tests work against the fastify-example application used in this course
  • The candidate should take less than 15 minutes to code an answer to a test assignment
  • Each test has my answer and the follow up questions to ask the candidate about their solution

Purchase the interview kit via Stripe and receive it in your inbox via an email.

Tip: you can couple these hands-on exercises with the survey of the Cypress skills to see how well the candidate knows Cypress features. This combination will help you and the candidate better understand each other and lead to a good hiring experience.

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About the author: Gleb Bahmutov spent 4 years working on the Cypress Test Runner itself, has written 200+ Cypress blog posts and recorded 300+ free Cypress videos in addition to writing the course above.